Chanyeol Talks About His New Film, Running Lines with EXO Members, and More in Interview

Today, Korean media outlet Lady Kyunghyang released the transcript of a short interview they conducted with EXO member Chanyeol about his upcoming movie, “Salute D’Amour.”

In the movie, Chanyeol plays Minsung, the boyfriend of Ayoung (played by Moon Ga Young) whose mother owns the store where much of the movie’s plot takes place.

On the subject of playing opposite actress Moon Ga Toung, Chanyeol said, “Many people say that Gayoung and I look alike. At first Director Kang also said that seeing at us next to each other we looked like brother and sister. I also think that Gayoung and I fit very well together. Because we’re both on the tall side, from a visual perspective it seems that we go well together.”

The interviewer then asked Chanyeol about what it was like to work with veterans in the acting field, to which Chanyeol responded, “Before we started filming, we did a script reading and then had an afterparty. For the whole of two hours I couldn’t do anything but nervously sit still in that seat without speaking. However, some of my sunbae-nims came to the table I was sitting at and said a lot of good things. I was particularly able to get rid of my nerves sitting right in front of Han Ji Min sunbae-nim. Han Ji Min sunbae-nim is so pretty I couldn’t even swollow my meat (laughs). Since I was able to get rid of all that nervousness at the afterparty, I was at ease when we filmed.”

On the subject of making his film debut, Chanyeol shared the credit with his fellow EXO members, particularly D.O, saying, “I always carried the script around with me, and when I had time to rest in the middle of schedules whichever member was next to me would read lines with me. The way I see it my acting is something that I made along with the help of my members. Because D.O and I share a room, the two of us have a ton of time to talk. At first, I received a scenario and worried to myself about what the best way to do it was, but then D.O came and told me that if I just did it the way I did everything else that I would do great. He also ran lines with me, so I’m very thankful. Thanks D.O-ya!

Chanyeol’s movie “Salute D’Amour” premieres in April, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. Until then, check out the movie poster below and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: Lady Kyunghyang News

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