Chanyeol Asks Shanghai Fans to Quit Following EXO on the Freeway

We all know how passionate K-pop fans can get when their favorite group is in town, but one EXO member is concerned about safety when it comes to following the group.

Today, Chanyeol uploaded a message on his personal Weibo, asking fans not to follow him and his group on the freeway due to the dangerous nature of these motorized chases.

In the post, Chanyeol writes: 

I’m writing a comment here because this time that we were in Shanghai we underwent an extremely dangerous experience. 

After arriving in Shanghai, on the road from the airport to the city we were traveling to about 20 vehicles followed the car that I was riding in. These cars blocked the road and switched lanes all over the freeway, which could have caused our car (the van EXO was riding in) to crash multiple times.

On the road that we were traveling many cars were stopped, and those people (the Shanghai fans) disturbed everybody on that road’s commute. It’s not right for dangerous things like this to happen. I hope that from now on you will be able to support us in Shanghai without disturbing other people, and that you will take care of your own safety.

Hopefully Shanghai EXO fans will heed Chanyeol’s warning and not cause any more disturbances.


Source: MyDaily

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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