BTS Member Rap Monster Says BTS is Working Hard Preparing for Their Comeback

On the evening of October 29, BTS hosted their own personal live Halloween party on the Naver V app.

While the broadcast was certainly fun to watch, one comment that Rap Monster made has fans very excited.

As each of the members made their closing remarks on the broadcast, Rap Monster mentioned that BTS would be making a comeback very soon.

The rapper’s last greeting was, “Bangtan Boys are making a comeback soon. Since we’re in the studio and practice room preparing every day, please get excited, and I also hope you’ll anticipate our concert in November.”

The group is scheduled to make their comeback with “화양연화 Pt. 2″ on November 30, so stick around moonROK for more updates as they are released.


Source: MyDaily

Images courtesy of Ize Korea, Naver, and MyDaily
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