BTS Announces “2017 Festa” in Celebration of 4th Anniversary

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Image courtesy of BigHit Entertainment


It’s that time of year again: BTS’s anniversary. The group has released the schedule for their “2017 Festa,” the online festival event they throw every year around this time.

The online event is comprised mostly of videos and special music tracks uploaded across several days until BTS’s debut anniversary day, June 13th.

Notable releases for this year’s Festa include a remix version of the song “So Far Away” from Suga’s mixtape, this time featuring Jungkook and Jin, and also the much awaited radio show video scheduled for June 13. Fans also anticipate the goofy yet relatable family portrait that BTS releases during their yearly Festa.

Check out the schedule image for the 2017 Festa above, and keep checking back with moonROK for more updates on the BTS anniversary event.



Source: BTS Official

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