BREAKING (Updated): Sera of Nine Muses Leaving the Group, Nine Muses to Recruit New Member

Sera of Nine Muses has just announced that with the expiry of her contract, she will be departing from the group and their company, Star Empire Entertainment. Sera is the only member who will be “graduating” from the group.

Star Empire Entertainment has just made a statement saying: “We do not know the details of Sera’s future activities, but we respect and support her decision to make a new start.”

With Sera’s graduation, Star Empire Entertainment has also stated that they have plans to recruit a new member for Nine Muses for their August comeback.

moonROK will bring you more details as they become available, so stay tuned.


Source: TV Daily

Image courtesy of Star Empire Entertainment
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  1. T-ara 8 years ago
    I’ll always support them, this just hit me so hard, 9MUSES forever!
  2. ot94ever 8 years ago
    Eunji, and Lee Sem, both left, and now Sera, who is the most popular member, really. She still has a youtube, so hopefully we’ll get updates from that, lol!
  3. Spike Spiegel 8 years ago
    Damn that’s a huge blow….
  4. Sandara_Forever 8 years ago
    She will be missed.
  5. snitchseeker 8 years ago
    I don’t follow this group but I remember reading some other member left some months ago (?). Was it only these two that left, or have there been more?
  6. ot94ever 8 years ago
    Despite my open weeping, and sobs of grief, I will continue to support 9M, and Sera! I hope she debuts solo, or gets into another group…
    Muses Is Never End!

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