BREAKING: MBC Announces ‘Lip-Synching Idols Will Be Dismissed From Stage’ on Show! Music Core

Right on the heels of our editorial on the importance of weekend music shows, MBC has just announced that they will be cracking down on idol singers who do not sing.
MBC has decided that it will not grant appearance to idol singers who go on stage with pre-recorded music, including both the musical accompaniment and voice.
Park Hyun-suk, chief producer (CP) of MBC’s “Show! Music Core” said in his interview with Munhwa Ilbo on July 1, that “those who do not sing on stage do not have the basic qualification to be a singer. The pre-recorded music that each agency submits will be meticulously checked to ensure that the singers who simply move their mouths to the words will disappear off stage. 
As leaders of “Korean Wave,” most idol groups boast powerful performances with intense choreograhpy. Therefore, there are many instances in which it is difficult to deliver a live performance while simultaneously singing and dancing. As this phenomenon has been the general case, there is an increasing number of individuals who prepare a live version of the pre-recorded music (the idols record themselves singing live, and then use the playback on weekend music show performances instead of the original studio version in order to make it more believable that they are singing live).
CP Park stated, “There are times when only 10-20% of the idol singers on stage deliver live performances. However, because the live version of the pre-recorded music is on, the mass audience thinks that the singers are actually singing.” He continued to criticize this commonly used technique, saying “such acts deceive the masses.”
This decision by MBC is a result of introspection as it advances with the globalization of K-Pop. 
Overseas stages, compared to Korean ones, tend to strictly differentiate between the lip-synched and live performances. If criticism that the high-level performances by K-Pop singers are backed by pre-recorded music continues, there is a great possibility that the “foam theory” — that everything has been exaggerated and actually lacks substance — will surface. As K-Pop singers’ influence grows, it seems that the standards for evaluation will become tougher. 
Furthermore, there is analysis that MBC has emerged with a differentiation tactic. If the mass audience, tired of idols, agrees with MBC’s decision, then the prediction is that other broadcasting companies will join in the effort to purge the pop music industry. Hence, it seems that some of the idol groups who relied on one or two main vocalists’ live singing will need to concern themselves with both the performance and the overall singing abilities of the group as a whole.
CP Park pointed out that “these days, the phrase ‘music for listening’ is gaining attention again, but there is a large strain effect. There are repeated situations in which only the good singers of the group keep singing and the others do not … Even if the group boasts strong performances, if they are singers, they should be able to rap or sing themselves and satisfy the mass audience.” 
What do you guys think about this new ban on lip-synching? This could be a huge twist in the K-pop industry if other broadcasting stations follow suit!
Source: Munhwa Ilbo
Image courtesy of Munhwa Ilbo
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  1. Gustavo Rafael 7 years ago
    Awesome news!! I’ve been waiting for this since forever. I just can bare the thought of someone saying that he or she is a singer and can’t barely hold a note.
    I hope this decision move on to the others broadcasting companies.

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