Boyfriend Releases All Three Teaser Images for RED

Boy group Boyfriend to make a surprising comeback in October.

On the 29th, a teaser image for RED featuring members Kwangmin and Hyunseong was released via Boyfriend’s official Twitter. The teaser shows the chemistry between Kwangmin and Hyunseong in front of a bold, red background as they hold each other in a pose that is sure to make fangirls’ hearts flutter.

The teaser for Minwoo and Youngmin was released on the 27th, and the final teaser showing Donghyun and Jeongmin was released on the 28th.  The RED photoshoot showcases the boys’ charm and fatally handsome suit ensembles from both the front and back and received a hot response online. The teasers are certainly helping to raise the excitement for the upcoming album release.

This June, Boyfriend successfully made their first comeback in almost a year and a half with their 2nd mini album “Obsession.” Their second Japanese album, Seventh Color, rose to 5th place on the Oricon charts, officially making their mark on the Japanese market.

Despite their busy schedule both in Korea and overseas, they will be making their comeback sometime in October, so stay tuned to moonROK for more information!


Source: Korea Sports

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