Bobby Says Fellow iKON Member B.I is the Beer to His Chicken

In commemoration of the release of the final two songs in their half album “WELCOME BACK“, iKON did a special interview today.

The members were asked various questions about the new songs, but the answer that is making news in Korea is Bobby‘s response to a question about B.I.

The two iKON members released a duet single “Anthem” this time around, so when Bobby was asked about working with B.I, he left everyone in stitches by saying, “He’s the beer to my chicken.” 

In Korea, “chimaek” is an abbreviation for the Korean meal “fried chicken and beer” and is widely regarded as a winning combination when it comes to snacking, so the saying “he’s the beer to my chicken” would equivalate to English saying “he’s the peanut butter to my jelly” or “the salt to my pepper”.

Bobby closed out the question by saying, “Since there are so many members in iKON, it seems like we’ll be able to release a variety of combinations”.

If you haven’t seen Bobby and B.I’s music video for “Anthem” yet, check it out below, and be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: TV Report

All visual and audio media courtesy of YG Entertainment
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