Bobby Kim Accused of Sexual Harassment by 4 Victims on Airplane

The Korean police investigated the victim crewmembers that were on the airplane headed towards the U.S. where Bobby Kim reportedly went on a drunken rampage.

The Incheon International Airport Police Force revealed on January 13 that they received statements from multiple victims, including the Korean Air chairman and three flight attendants.

The flight attendants had already undergone investigation by the American criminal investigation authorities the day before, and made a detailed statement on Bobby Kim’s disturbance in the flight and the sexual harassment charges.

A representative of the police stated, “Because investigations on the accused, Bobby Kim, have not been finalized, the statements made by the flight attendants cannot yet be released.”

The flight attendants arrived at Incheon Airport from San Francisco on the Korean Air flight KE024 on January 10. The investigation was delayed due to the long distance flight.

The police, on the basis of the flight attendants’ statements, will decide the charges against Bobby Kim once they investigate him when he returns to Korea.

Bobby Kim was investigated by America’s FBI for charges against drunkenly shouting at a flight attendant, sexually harassing a female flight attendant, and making an hour long disturbance on the Korean Air flight to San Francisco on January 7.

Bobby Kim is suspected of having consumed 6 alcoholic drinks aboard the flight. He was going to his sister’s house in San Francisco for vacation.

Stay tuned to moonROK as this story continues to break.


Source: Yonhap News

Image courtesy of Yonhap News
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