Bob Girls’ Jina Diagnosed with Encephalitis, Group to Disband

The agency of the group Bob Girls canceled all of the members’ contracts after Jina, one of the members, was diagnosed with encephalitis.

On February 24, the agency representative told TV Report, “Jina personally contacted the agency. Her parents were sad at the news as well.”

Even after the group’s debut last June, Jina was not aware of any symptoms. However, around the end of the year, Jina began to feel weird symptoms in her body and went to the hospital with her family. After her complete medical check-up, Jina was diagnosed with encephalitis, and must fully focus on treatment at the moment.

Encephalitis is a tragic disease in which the patient suffers an acute inflammation of the brain, which can evenutually result in seizures, convulsions, tremors, hallucinations, stroke, hemmorhaging, and memory problems.

The agency representative stated, “We only found this past year’s end and were very sad. As Jina was not able to continue, we canceled the contracts with members Yujeong, Dahye, and Danbi as well. Our heart breaks because we cannot maintain to keep Bob Girls.

He continued, “Along with Jina, all members’ exclusive contracts have been canceled. We wanted to give the other three girls the chance to go to a new agency and start fresh. Bob Girls, with Jina, were special and meaningful because there was four of them. Downsizing or replacing a member is meaningless.”

Bob Girls debuted last June. Due to Jina’s illness, the group broke up after 8 months. 

moonROK conveys our deepest condolences to Jina and her family and friends, and wishes her the quickest recovery possible.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of Bob Girls
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  1. RalphDorado 7 years ago
    This is terrible I hope she gets well soon

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