BoA and Joo Won Confirmed to be in Relationship

Image courtesy of TV Report

This morning, the internet was abuzz with reports that singer BoA and actor Joo Won are in a relationship.

According to the Korean outlet that broke the story (TV Report), the two met through gatherings with mutual friends and colleagues and eventually developed feelings for one another. The article states that the two have been dating since the end of last year.

TV Report quoted an anonymous source who is reportedly close to the couple, saying, “Anyone who sees BoA and Joo Won can see that they’re a warm, comfortable couple. It seems like they are each other’s ideal types and have the same interest, and that they communicate well with one another. They care a lot for each other and it’s nice to see them dating carefully. They’re a couple that everyone in the neighborhood is jealous of.”

While SM Entertainment has said that they’re looking into the reports to confirm their validity, Joo Won’s side has confirmed the news. A representative from his agency has just told the media, “It is true that BoA and Joo Won are in a relationship. We are looking into the concrete details of it.”

moonROK will be sure to keep you updated on SM’s statement on the matter, so be sure to stick around as this story continues to break.


[UPDATE] SM Entertainment has just confirmed from their side that the relationship reports are true. A representative from the company has just stated, “Joo Won shares many common interests [with BoA] such as music and acting, and the two developed feelings for one another.”


Source: TV Report, Herald Pop

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