Block B’s Zico Talks His Featuring Process, Wanting to go to Vietnam and Dominican Republic, and More in Interview

Block B member Zico is this month’s cover artist on Korea’s “The Celebrity” magazine. During his photoshoot, the magazine editor sat down with Zico to conduct a short interview in which Zico discussed his many featurings, his ideal photoshoot, and more. Check out the translation below.


It’s nice to meet you through “The Celebrity”. While posing you’re always thinking about the atmosphere, meanwhile you don’t look too aloof. What are your thoughts on the photoshoot?

To be honest whatever I do, rather than being nervous it’s more my style to adapt to the atmosphere so as to become comfortable and have fun. It’s an honor that you see me in such a good light, but since I have a personality that’s really easily embarrassed I’m a little bit shy. Ah, that expression is a bit… yeah… I’m shy (laughs).


I didn’t know you were so bashful. I figured since you’re one of the few artists that is often sought out for individual photoshoots and interviews that you would definitely be a carefree star. Why do you think you’re so sought-after?

Would it be possible to write that I am a person who actively combines “under” and “over”? It seems true that I have a peculiar positioning, and after doing the all-around producing for the group (Block B) it seems that people naturally developed a curiosity in me. I’m extremely grateful for the fact that people wonder, “What kind of kid is Zico? What does that guy do again?” I hope that people will maintain that interest in me and continue to try and find out more [about me]…

I heard that you produced this album not just as a musician, but that you also participated in the visual production of it by helping to create the concept and doing all-around directing. If you yourself were directing a photoshoot, what kind of concept would you want to go with?

Since things that you’re used to dull your creative senses, I want to make the background somewhere that wouldn’t normally come up and that I’m not used to, like Vietnam or the Dominican Republic, and do an unusual concept that no one has ever done before. No matter what it is, rather than being something that’s easy to do, having to walk a difficult and tiring road barefoot like “Ah, I’ve overcome adversity and made it to here!” seems like it doubles the satisfaction. Um… but having just said that, living a life of hardship is no good. I hate intentionally working hard (laughs).


To be honest, while I was preparing for this interview, after going through great pains and looking at every media outlet and interivew and searching your name, I noticed that something kept popping up.

Ah, really? I’m a bit nervous because it seems like this is something severe…


I have the sense not to prepare anything too severe (laughs). You have an OST called “It Hurts” that you did together with Girl’s Day member Sojin for the SBS Drama “If You Go”, if you search “Zico”, “featuring” always comes up. Is there a reason that you do so many different featurings?

I’ll start out by saying that I’m really, really not boasting, but I haven’t actually done that many featurings compared to the number of proposals I get… (sees editor’s expression) look here, I knew your expression would be like this. I really hope you don’t misunderstand. Honestly, when a proposal comes in, as I monitor the song I think to myself “Can I really be of help to this song?” and bare that in mind until the end [of the song], consider it, and then make a decision. It’s harder and more burdensome than deciding on my own songs. Isn’t there a commonly used term for photoshoots called “tone and manner”? In featuring, you similarly have to match the tone and manner of the main singer perfectly, and in that way making a decision about the song is the hardest homework.


Source: The Celebrity

Images courtesy of The Celebrity Magazine
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