Block B’s Kyung Teases December Solo Comeback

Kyung | moonROK
Kyung | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of Seven Seasons


Block B member Kyung has just released a teaser image giving a date for his solo comeback.

On the 9th, a representative of Block B’s agency said that Kyung would be releasing his solo comeback track at midnight of the 19th, which would make it his first comeback in seven months. The representative also said, “Kyung has been preparing songs for the fans for some time now.”

On the first, Kyung tweeted, “I was on my way back from my schedule and turned on three songs I had already written and finished but haven’t releazed yet and was listening to them without really thinking, then the staff members asked ‘What’s the name of this song?’ and said it was really good so they searched it online but couldn’t find it.”

Kyung’s other solo songs, including “Ordinary Love” and “Inferiority Complex,” did well on the charts and set fans’ expectations high for this new release.

The teaser image just shows a cracked egg with a date on it, the 19th of December, so stay tuned as the date draws closer as more teasers are sure to be released, and keep reading moonROK for all the latest Kpop updates!


Source: blockb_official, Ilgan Sports

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