Block B Members U-Kwon and Jaehyo Cast in “In The Heights” Musical

U-Kwon and Jaehyo | moonROK
Images courtesy of Seven Seasons Entertainment

U-Kwon and Jaehyo will be taking the musical stage this December.

The Block B members have been cast in the musical “In The Heights” alongside fellow idols Sungkyu and Dongwoo of INFINITE.

Both U-Kwon and Jaehyo have starred in musicals before, U-Kwon in the Korean musical “All Shook Up” and in the Japanese musical “Run To You” alongside Jaehyo.

U-Kwon and Jaehyo are scheduled to star in the run of “In The Heights” beginning December 20 and ending February 12 at the Seoul Arts Opera House.

Best of luck to the Block B members as they take the stage as musical actors once again!

Source: Xports News

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