B.I Wants Yang Hyun-suk to Join iKON

B.I wants to “recruit CEO Yang Hyun-suk as an iKON member”

Members of iKON, debuting next year, expressed their wishes to recruit CEO Yang Hyun-suk into their group.

The magazine “High Cut” released a photo spread on B.I and Bobby‘s hip-hop style on November 28. In their every movement and pose, B.I and Bobby emanated the aura of soul and hip-hop.

After the shoot, to the question of who he wants to have as an additional member to iKON, B.I responded “CEO Yang Hyun-suk. If he joins us, I feel like our debut will come faster.”

Bobby, choosing Teddy as the potential new member, stated “Teddy is very fashion conscious and I think I can improve a lot with him as a part of our group.”

To the question of who they would most like to collaborate with, B.I chose CL of 2NE1, and Bobby chose Yoon Mi-rae.

B.I stated, “I think I would try harder if I were to be on stage with CL. Also, by receiving her prayers, there will be this synergy effect between us.” Bobby said, “I feel like I would have so much to learn from Yoon Mi-rae. Her vibe on stage is absolutely amazing.”


Source: TV Report

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