Beast Gives Post-Hyunseung Departure Interview

Beast, once known as the “model group” without any large scandals since their debut in 2009, went through a big change last April – member Jang Hyunseung decided to leave the group due to musical differences. The five remaining members of Beast recently opened their hearts in an interview about such departure.

The interview took place in Cube Entertainment on July 4th. In response to being asked how they feel promoting as a five member group, Beast replied “We still have not yet gotten used to it. We have been together as six for so long, and the change just happened a few months ago.”

Leader Yoon Dojoon gave more of his thoughts, saying, “We tried our best so that our first comeback as five members would not feel too different to the fans, to other people, and even to us. I hope everyone will look at it fondly and understandingly.”

Yong Junhyung, who is in charge of rap and producing for the group, said, “As five, we have to adapt to the type of music that was meant for six. It’s impossible for us to fill the void completely, but we came out with this album hoping that fans won’t be able to tell too much of the difference. From now on, we will work hard towards filling the space left [by Hyunseung].”

“Because Hyunseung dances very well, his departure will be obvious from the performance standpoint if we cannot fill his part. However, we tried to prepare everything very carefully, and we have great hopes that things will turn out well,” shared vocalist Lee Gikwang.

Yang Yoseob revealed, “When the six of us talked among ourselves, we promised that we would support each other even when one diverged his steps from the road that all are taking. I wonder if it is actually better that way. For a while, we had been having problems regarding musical preferences, so we admitted that there was indeed difference. In my opinion, the choice [that Hyunseung made] is a meaningful one. I hope that Hyunseung will be able to showcase his ability and do well”.

Beast has recently released their 3rd full album, “Highlight,” as a five member group, with a ballad title track, “Ribbon”.


Source: OSEN

All visual media courtesy of Cube Entertainment
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