B.A.P Reportedly Filing Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment

It has just been reported that all six members of B.A.P have filed a lawsuit against their agency, TS Entertainment, stating that their exclusive contract is invalid.

On November 26th, 2014, it is being reported that all six members filed for the lawsuit at the Seoul Western District Courthouse.

The B.A.P members signed their exclusive contract with TS Entertainment in March of 2011, and the members are reportedly claiming that since then, they have not received adequate provisions from the company in exchange for their work.

A TS Entertainment representative has just stated, “We know nothing of this lawsuit. We will make an official statement after looking into it.”

In October of this year, B.A.P’s promotional activities were abruptly halted to the point that their South American tour was cancelled. These reports that B.A.P has filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment are resurrecting the public’s curiosity as to the reason that they stopped their promotions so suddenly.

According to multiple news sources in Korea, the members of B.A.P are suing TS Entertainment over their “slave contracts,” claiming that the term of their contract is for an unfairly long amount of time, that rights to privacy and personal lives were infringed upon, that they were forced to continue promotions even when they were sick and physicians prohibited activities, and that the company made many other unreasonable demands of them.

Furthermore, B.A.P is reportedly claiming that the compensation that they receive for their work is unjust, saying that during their 3 years under TS Entertainment, they earned the company 10 billion KRW (about $9.1 million USD) in profit, but only received 18 million KRW (about $16,400 USD) each over the course of 3 years.


This story is still breaking, so stay tuned to moonROK to get the latest updates on the situation.


Source: Joy News, Xports News

Image courtesy of TS Entertainment
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