Is B.A.P Back? Zelo and Bang Yong Guk Upload Cryptic Posts

Just now, B.A.P members Zelo and Bang Yong Guk have dropped some serious bombs on B.A.P fans.

After a long hiatus, it looks like B.A.P might be back.

A little less than an hour ago Zelo posted the below tweet:


Meanwhile, Bang Yong Guk posted the below Instagram:


The two seem to be working on separate projects, as Bang Yong Guk’s teaser for “4:44” specifically states his name rather than B.A.P’s as a whole.

Meanwhile, Zelo seems to be releasing a solo track as well, having stated in his tweet that the song is something that he personally worked on.

More details are sure to be released in the coming few days so stick around moonROK for more updates!


Source: Zelo’s Twitter, Bang Yong Guk’s Instagram

All images courtesy of their respective owners
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