Bangtan Boys Talk Current Success, Reflect on Debut, and More in Interview

In celebration of their 12 year anniversary since launch, Korean media outlet Star News sat down with Bangtan Boys to talk about their debut and their goals for the future.

When the reporter asked the group what they remembered about their debut days, Rap Monster replied, “Debut? I just remember not having anything to say about how I felt, because everything was entirely new back then. I was just doing the best that I could.”

Meanwhile Suga confessed he was afraid, saying, “Honestly, I was scared. I think it’s not just us, but anyone who’s been called a rookie before [has felt that way].”

The Star News reporter goes on to mention that the group has come a long way since their debut, and that Bangtan Boys are now standing on solid ground. In reaction to this, RapMon responded, “These days there are people that say that, but of course there were many things that brought us to this place. Personally, I remember our concert last May and our first live broadcast stage for our first full-length album’s title song ‘Danger’.”

Suga built on RapMon’s answer by saying, “To say that we’re walking on solid ground, of course it’s not as if we didn’t work hard to get here. I remember every second [leading up to this].”

J Hope followed up with the response, “I still cannot forget our debut stage. Since it was our beginning, I recollect the thought of it as you mention that we’re on solid ground now.”

Jimin also contributed on the topic of Bangtan Boys’ current success, saying, “There was of couse so much that went into it. We are thankful to have experienced and learned so much, and we’ve realized what it is to be happy. Therefore I always find the present precious. I want to become a team that can say in this very moment, we are happy, no matter what comes afterwards.”

The Star News reporter then asked each of the members what they are most worried or concerned about presently. Rap Monster fans will be excited to read that he is preparing a new mixtape, responding to the question by saying, “My biggest concern right now is what music to put on my next mixtape.”

Ever the joker, Jin answered the question by saying, “My concern right now is whether I’ll be able to perform our current choreography at concerts when we’re in our 30s and 40s.”

Suga’s answer to the question was slightly heavier: “My biggest worry is whether we’ll be able to continue making good music and do well [on the whole].”

Meanwhile, J Hope responded to the question by saying, “I’m curious as to how long our current happiness and everyone’s love for us will continue to endure.”

V sweetly answered that his biggest concern is that, “I want to hurry and become a filial son to my parents.”

Jimin listed off a number of concerns, answering, “How can Bangtan Boys become a cool team? How can we make everyone happy? How can we give fans better songs? These are my worries.”

Maknae Jungkook gave a deep answer, saying, “My worry lately is how I should live for people to say, ‘he lived well’.”

Finally, the reporter asked the group what their goals for 2017 are, to which they responded, “To win a Daesang, and to become global singers.”

Bangtan Boys will be returning with their next full-length album “Wings” soon, so until then check out the original interview with Bangtan Boys on Star News, and be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates and interviews like this with your favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Bangtan Boys
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