Bangtan Boys Member V Defended by Fan After Being Scrutinized for Fansign Behavior

Images courtesy of Instiz

Yesterday controversy erupted on Korean message board/netizen community Instiz when a gif was uploaded showing Bangtan Boys member V displaying controversial behavior at a recent fansign.

The image, which shows V pulling on the hair of a fan who is receiving a signature from him, has sparked controversy over whether he went too far, or if it was just a playful gesture.

Since the image went viral, the fan in the image has taken to social media to defend V, claiming that it was indeed just a joke and that she’s completely fine.

The confusion also revolves around the fan’s Tweets (above) following the incident. In the first tweet, she says “Taehyung, to be honest that was too much”. The Tweet can be interpreted very differently, either literally or as a joke. The fan then responds a reply to her Tweet, saying, “Kekekekekekekeke I was so embarrassed… I had no idea that’s what I looked like from behind. It was to the point that Jimin oppa said my hair blew up.”

The fan then concludes her responses by saying, “I was completely robbed of all my senses… Even if he hadn’t been like that, I picked #100 so I was already frantic, and then he was like that… My mental condition…”

Many interpreted these Tweets negatively, believing that the fan really had been overwhelmed and possibly harmed by V’s hair tousling. Due to the misinterpretation of her Tweets, the fan uploaded a longer statement with the following message:

“I am the fan from the controversial video. First of all, I have been a Bangtan Boys fan for a long time, and to that extent I see Taehyung oppa often and we have a relationship in which we joke around. I think that on that particular day, because I hadn’t been to a fansign in so long he was especially happy to see me and played that joke. If there’s one thing I want to convey, it’s that to say that he ‘pulled my hair’ is wrong. To say that he pulled my hair would imply that it hurt but in reality he just did it enough to lift my head, and I lowered my head not because it hurt but because it seemed like I would be photographed in that situation and I was embarrassed and shy. Therefore, I ask that for the sake of Taehyung oppa not being thoughtlessly sworn at, that you stop saying he pulled my hair.”

The statement, combined with the release of more gifs showing the full incident (including V stroking her hair before and after playing with it) seem to absolve V of any wrongdoing, but some fans still believe that he stepped over the line. What’s your take on the issue? Did V go too far, or was it just a fun joke?


Source: Instiz

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