Baekhyun Leaves Apologetic Letter to Fans on Instagram

Baekhyun, who was recently revealed to be dating Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, has just left a letter to his fans on Instagram apologizing for the controversy and the hurt that he has caused his fans. The letter reads:

Hello, it’s Baekhyun. I know it’s late, but because I caused my fans so much hurt and disappointment, I’m writing my apologetic words here. I kept writing and erasing this letter because every time it just sounded like an excuse and I could not find the courage to resolve misunderstandings. Even now, I think that these words might be meaningless. I’m still worried that posting this letter will cause even more pain and it seems like I might regret it, but my heart and my mind are so tangled so I’m writing this to convey my true feelings. I am so sorry for causing pain in the hearts of my precious fans. I am also sorry for causing even more hurt through the misunderstandings that occurred. I wish that our fans would not hurt anymore. I know that I am flawed, but I will work hard to slowly approach my fans again. EXO is an incredibly precious name to me too. I sincerely want to convey that EXO is a name that I have never once taken lightly. Moving forward, I will become EXO’s Baekhyun who does is best both onstage and off. I hope that this letter conveys my sincerity.

Hopefully Baekhyun’s fans will accept his sincere apology.


Source: Baekhyun’s Instagram

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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