Apink’s Eunji Talks About Being the First Guest on JTBC’s ‘Alone in Love’

Apink lead vocalist Eunji will be appearing on the new JTBC variety show, “Alone in Love” as a virtual date.

The show is JTBC’s newst content project, and is a virtual reality romance show for singles.

The goal of the program is to examine the romantic psychology of women through virtual dating.

Female guests will appear virtually from home to talk to the male hosts and audience in the studio, with the mission of making everyone feel like they’re actually dating her. The goal of the game is to get the 4 MCs as well as the audience to think, “I wish she was my girlfriend.”

After filming her appearance on the show, Eunji stated, “With an opponent directly in front of your eyes, it’s not acting but instead you have to look past the camera and into the other guests and the audience, so it’s not easy.”

Eunji continued, “On the one hand it was a fascinating and strange experience. I tried my best to create a ‘realistic’ relationship.”

The Apink singer closed out her statement by saying, “I became ‘Alone in Love’s first ‘virtaul date,’ so please have fun watching the program and show it a lot of love.” 

The date of the first episode has not yet been determined, so stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on Eunji’s appearance.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of A Cube Entertainment
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