AOA’s ‘Short Hair’ Reported the Most Popular Song of July

According to the July 2014 Korea Chart from M.Net’s M Countdown, AOA‘s “Short Hair” was shown to be the most loved song of July. 

The results are especially significant since they came out after AOA ended their official activity period with their appearance on SBS’s “The Music Trend” on July 27. 

Even after the termination of the activity period, AOA’s “Short Hair” is still ranked highly in Korea’s music charts, as did “Short Skirt.” 

AOA’s “Short Hair” also rose on top of Gaon Social Chart, which is put together with data from the most internationally popular social media, and was the only girl froup to be included in the American billboard’s top 8 K-pop music videos. 


Source: Sports Dongah

Image courtesy of Sports Dongah
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