Amoeba Culture Confirms Wallet Found Earlier Today is Choiza’s

Amoeba Culture has recently confirmed that the wallet found earlier today is indeed Dynamic Duo Choiza’s. The company made no comment about the personal belongings inside the wallet except that it is a personal matter and that they would not be commenting on it. Lastly, Amoeba Culture stated that they would not sit idly by and let this invasion of personal privacy happen.

There has yet to be a statement on SM Entertainment on the matter, but moonROK will have it when they do, so stay tuned to for more news on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: Sports World

Image courtesy of Amoeba Culture
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  1. lovelymingkki 7 years ago
    Well… It’s really not a good year for sm with all this scandals.
  2. LavelyShai 7 years ago
    Yeah I know, since Yoona’s scandal everything has been coming up. Can’t wait for all this to be over.
  3. Exo 7 years ago
    o man i agree rip kris

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