Amber, Krystal, Henry, Siwon and Other SM Artists Donate to Auction for Nepal Earthquake Relief

As many know, Nepal recently suffered an earthquake of disastrous magnitude, resulting in the deaths of over 6,100 and wounding over 14,000.

As relief efforts continue for the country and its citizens, SM Entertainment artists are doing their part to help alleviate suffering in the region.

Super Junior members Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Leeteuk, all of the f(x) members, Henry, and Kangta are all participating in a UNICEF-led effort to raise money for relief efforts in Nepal.

These SM artists each made rag dolls that will be available for purchase until May 6 in an online auction. All of the proceeds from the dolls will be used to help children orphaned by the earthquake to be adopted and cared for.

The dolls can be viewed and bid on here, so if you’re interested in buying a doll made personally by one of your favorite idols — or more importantly, helping with the relief effort in Nepal — check out the UNICEF auction website to make your bid!

“Kangnaengi (Corn)” — Kangta       “Donghae” — Donghae              “David” — Siwon


“Eun Bo Seok” — Eunhyuk             “Teugi Teugi” — Leeteuk             “Baby” — Henry


“DdooDdi” — Krystal             “Julie” — Amber             “Sarangi (Love)” — Luna


“Maeumi (Heart)” — Sulli          “Song Song” — Victoria           “Gong Bio” — Gong Yoo


Source: Newsis

All images courtesy of UNICEF
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