Amber of f(x) to Potentially Make Solo Debut in February

Just now it was reported by Sports Dongah that Amber will be the first of the f(x) members to make her solo debut as a singer.

While she is the last f(x) member to pursue individual activities, she is the first to pursue individual activities in the form of releasing music.

Krystal, Sulli, and Victoria have all debuted as actors, and Luna made her debut as a musical actress in “High School Musical.”

Not much information has been revealed about the nature of Amber’s solo debut, except for the fact that it will be in February of 2015.

SM Entertainment has yet to confirm Amber’s solo debut as reported by the Korean media outlets, so stay tuned to moonROK for updates on the matter and SM’s official position.


UPDATE: SM has just confirmed that Amber’s solo debut is under discussion, stating that there is no set time for the release.


Source: Sports Dongah, OSEN

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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