All Nine Members of Girls’ Generation Renew Contracts with SM Entertainment

It has just been announced that all nine members of Girls’ Generation have renewed their contract with their company, SM Entertainment.

There has been much speculation on whether all, some, or none of the girls would be renewing with SM Entertainment, but it seems that all worries have been put to rest.

When they debuted in August of 2007, the members of Girls’ Generation signed the standard proposed 7-year contract with SM Entertainment in accordance with the Fair Trade Commission. Just before the contract ran out in August of this year, all of the members renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment.

Unlike when they were rookies and given all the same contracts, this time around the members of Girls’ Generation individually sat at the negotiating table for their contract renewal.

Now that they each have the rights of top stars, the members of Girls’ Generation were each able to negotiate reasonable contract terms with SM Entertainment.

Though each member signed with different, individualized contracts, all of them signed on to be a part of Girls’ Generation under SM Entertainment for three more years.

One SM representative stated, “All of the members of Girls’ Generation comepleted their contract extensions (with SM Entertainment) early. After completing the first half of the year doing official group promotions, the members are all currently busy doing their individual activities and promotions. Furthermore, it is important that the contracts be kept a secret between the agency and all parties involved. Because of this we did not release this information at the time so that [Girls’ Generation] could continue to promote normally and naturally. 

Currently, members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are preparing to make their comeback on the 16th as the popular unit group TaeTiSeo. Meanwhile, Sooyoung has been receiving praise for her acting in the currently airing MBC drama, “The Spring Days of My Life,” and Sunny hosts her radio show “Sunny’s FM Date” and was recently announced as a new cast member for Season 2 of popular reality/variety show “Roommate.” Additionally, members Yoona, Yuri, and Jessica are working hard filming dramas, movies, and other entertainment programs.


Source: Munhwa Ilbo

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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