All Members of B1A4 Participate in Composing/Writing for 5th Mini Album, Sunmi Features

5-member boy group B1A4 (Sandeul, Baro, Jinyoung, CNU, Gongchan) are about to transcend the role of idols and be born as musicians through their new album. 

On July 14, B1A4 will announce its 5th mini album, “SOLO DAY.” On July 1, days before B1A4 makes a comeback in the pop industry, their agency WM Entertainment released the new album’s track list.

As every album since B1A4’s debut in 2011 was met with favorable results, interest in the new album’s songs was also already high. Therefore, the release of the new album’s track list heightened the expectations even more, especially since all members partook in the writing and composing of all 6 songs. 

WM Entertainment revealed that “with the leader Jinyoung heading the production, all members of B1A4 participated in the writing and composing of all 6 songs of the mini album and fully demonstrated their roles as artists.” WM Entertainment further explained that “‘Solo Day,’ which is the title song of the album under the same name, was written and composed by Jinyoung and will become the song of the summer season, in B1A4 style.”

Furthermore, the fact that popular solo singer Sunmi is featured in the 6th track “You” and adds to the expectation. Currently, B1A4 is working hard in the processes for comeback, such as finishing up the music video filming for the title song.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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