All Five Members of Ladies’ Code to Appear on ‘Idol School’

The prerecorded show “Idol School” featuring Ladies’ Code is set to air on MBC.

MBC Music channel published through their public homepage that the decision has been made to broadcast the seventh episode of “Idol School,” which features all five members of Ladies’ Code.

A representative of “Idol School” announced, “On August 26th and September 2nd, two episodes of “Idol School” were filmed before the tragic accident with Ladies’ Code, and so the episodes will show the late Eunbi and RiSe. After an adequate amount of time after the funeral process had passed, a discussion was held with both the bereaved family and Ladies’ Code’s agency to determine whether it would be acceptable to air the footage. The families came to the conclusion that they would like to air the girls’ beautiful last images and the decision was made to send the episodes to air.”

The representative continued, “The production team worked closely with the family to make sure that we were showing the best sides of the deceased during the editing process. This week’s episode will be aired with the families’ blessings.

“B.I.G. and Tahiti, two groups who were promoting during Ladies’ Code’s “Kiss Kiss” promotions, will both also be on the episode. The three teams will do a profile talk, personal introductions, and games in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere throughout the episode.

“We hope that the beautiful, lovable smiling images of Ladies’ Code will remain in everyone’s memories for a long, long time,” the representative finished.

The episode will air on the 7th at 6pm on the MBC Music channel.


Source: OSEN

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