Interview: Tiffany Park Tells All on Life As a K-pop Trainee

By: Hannah Waitt moonROK Founder and Editor-in-chief   At first glance, Tiffany Park is your typical American girl.  She has a job, a boyfriend, a loving family, and a really cute puppy named Mr. Lamb.  What most don’t know about her, is that just a few years ago, she was inches from star...
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Review: 15& Showcases Artistic Maturity in “Sugar” F...

Review by: Hannah Waitt moonROK Founder and Editor-in-chief   On May 26, 2014, 15& released their first full-length album, “Sugar.” The album is the female duo’s first full-length LP, having released two singles “I Dream” and “Somebody” previously in 2012 and 2...
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