Ailee Amuses Fans by Carrying AOA’s Jimin Around the MBC Lobby

Singer Ailee and AOA member Jimin clearly have a close friendship.

Fans are giddy with delight over a video that surfaced on YouTube today, showing the two idols interacting in the MBC lobby after the DMC Festival.

Upon seeing Jimin, Ailee runs over to her, lifts her into a big hug, and twirls her around the room. Ailee then takes it a step further, lifting Jimin onto her shoulder and parading her around the lobby.

Fans are not only amused by the funny video, but impressed with Ailee’s strength as well.

Check out the video below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: YouTube

Video courtesy of YouTube User 지민선
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