Korean Media Claims Only 6 of 7 Infinite Members Have Renewed with Woollim, Company Makes Initial Statement


Image courtesy of Woollim Entertainment


According to the Korean media, only 6 of 7 Infinite members have renewed their contract with Woollim Entertainment.

The reports by the media state claim that according to “entertainment industry insiders,” 6 of the members renewed their contracts earlier this month, while the 7th member has not yet made his decision.

Woollim has made an official statement on these reports, saying “Nothing has been decided yet. We are in the midst of discussing contract renewals, and you will be able to continue to see Infinite in the future.”

While Woollim didn’t directly address the issue of whether only 6 members will be renewing, it seems that even if this is the case, the 6 will continue on as Infinite.

For now though, this is all speculation by the Korean media until an official statement from Woollim has been issued, so be sure to stick around moonROK as this story continues to break.



Source: Segye Ilbo

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