2PM’s Junho Talks Love: ‘No Matter Who I Fall For, I Fall Really Hard’

On March 13, 2PM member Junho sat for an interview with OSEN, in which he stated firmly, “Since my debut, I have absolutely not dated anyone.”

Junho continued, “It’s not that I’m a ‘motae solo’ (someone who has never been a relationship). There’s no charm to ‘motae solo.’ Because I’m a healthy young Korean man, I’ve had those sort of feelings before, but I’ve absolutely never had anything get serious.”

Junho further elaborated on dating as a celebrity, saying, “Even if they’re busy, everyone who wants to date does; but my stamina weirdly becomes low at night so I can’t go out. For the past 5 years, I’ve purposely tied myself up for the sake of my work. Even if I want to date, I can’t. I’m the type that no matter who I fall for, I fall really hard, so I didn’t want that to happen.”

Junho is currently starring in his first film, “20,” which will premiere on March 25.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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