2PM Confirms September Comeback with Album

2PM has just announced that they will be making their comeback on September 15th with their 4th album. According to music industry insiders, 2PM is set to perform their comeback stage in the 2nd week of September after the Chuseok holidays.

Originally, it was planned for 2PM to make their comeback in April but it was postponed due to the Sewol Ferry Incident and the aftermath. It has been 15 months since their last promotions in June 2013 with “Come Back When You Hear This Song.”

The title track of this upcoming album is said to be a more fun and upbeat club song than their popular “Hands Up.” On the 29th, the members revealed surprise teaser photos on Twitter. Taecyeon first posted with a photo, “Nichkhun, Wooyoung, are you guys crazy?” Then Jun. K posted, “Taecyeon, you too. Stop Chansung.” Finally, Nichkhun wrote, “We’re all crazy!” All the photos feature the members having fun.

While 2PM were inactive on the music scene, the members have gained popularity while doing various solo activities. In China, Chansung featured on Chinese reality dating program “If You Love Me” and Junho sang a duet with Qi Wei titled “You’re the Right One,” which garnered a lot of attention. Domestically, Wooyoung has been showing off his cute charm on “We Got Married,” and Taecyeon has been recognized for his acting in the drama “Very Good Times.”

Following the comeback, 2PM plans to hold a world tour. They will begin in Seoul on October 3rd and 4th and travel to various cities in countries like Thailand, China, USA and Indonesia.  


Source: OSEN

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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