2PM Announces Release of 4th Album in September, Single Written by Jun.K

2PM has just announced that after a year without group promotions, they will be making their comeback with their 4th full album in September.

Furthermore, the title song for the album was written by none other than 2PM member Jun.K, making this the first time that 2PM has ever promoted a self-composed title song.

The single will be simultaneously released in both Korea and Japan in September, rather than having a staggered release which is more typical.

Reportedly, the Japanese title song and the Korean title song are totally different, raising the levels of anticipation for the new releases.

A JYP Entertainment representative stated, “2PM is very, very excited and are working hard for the September comeback,” continuing, “please look forward to the album release in Korea.”

Are you ready for 2PM’s new album?


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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