15 Reasons Why You Should Be Following Day6 Member Jae on Twitter

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For those of you who aren’t aware, Day6 member Jae is on Twitter, and he’s hilarious.

Jae was inactive on the social networking platform for about a year and half, and we don’t know what brought him back to the Twittosphere, but his return has been nothing short of glorious.

We’ve therefore compiled a list of literally just 15 hilarious tweets from Jae to convince you to go follow him now. So without further ado, here are 15 times that Jae made us ROFL with his online wit:


1) That time he simultaneously revealed both his Harry Potter and Kim Possible nerd


2) When he served up some evolutionary sass


3) That time he explained the real reason for Day6’s hustle


4) When he revealed his inner ONCE fanboy


5) That time he took a Kpop idol quiz even though he is literally already a Kpop idol


6) When he was brutally honest about his low career low point


7) When he put math in its place


8) That time he tried to poach Nichkhun’s followers


9) When he slammed fellow Kpop Star contestant McKay for liking Teletubbies


10) That time he was grammatically correct about deserving to eat lobster


11) When he made it clear you that you should never, ever cross him


12) When he straight up called out GOT7’s BamBam for dabbing too much


13) That time he hit up Kevin Woo for cash


14) When he showed his punny bone


15) And finally, when he acknowledged just how great his Twitter feed truly is



The moral of this story is that you should definitely go follow Jae on Twitter, but don’t troll him unless you’re ready for some Chrissy Teigen level response trolling.



Source: Jae’s Twitter

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